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KMC Agencies’ credits reflect the diversity and quality of the industry with dancers and musical theatre performers appearing worldwide from the UK’s West End to Paris Fashion Week to the Sundance Film Festival, USA.

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Call: 0161 237 3009 / 0844 884 9712

Join Rachel for Rocky Horror

Join us for the live stream of Rocky Horror which goes out country wide tonight!

ROCKY LOGO CMYK REV Web 400x400  Rachel Grundy

Rani Moorthy appears in Prey for ITV

Rani is set to appear in the second series of Prey for ITV with screening dates to be confirmed.

rani moorthy itv logo hr 0

What is Brandon up to on the fantasy island of Morass?

Brandon Lee Sears is on your screens again tonight (Wednesday 24th June 2015) in his second appearance in The Marriage of Reason and Squalor.

Brandon Sears Sky Arts Brandon Marriage of Reason still

Portion of Theatre with your Fish and Chips?

Ellen Chivers is busy with the rep. season for Mikron Theatre and has performed in some very different places!  They are performing Raising Agents and One of Each in rep. until October.

Ellen Chivers new  One of Each  Raising Agents