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KMC Agencies’ credits reflect the diversity and quality of the industry with dancers and musical theatre performers appearing worldwide from the UK’s West End to Paris Fashion Week to the Sundance Film Festival, USA.

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'New Jersey Nights' a Hit!

New Jersey Nights for Charlie Barker

Charlie has been on the road with the spectacular ‘New Jersey Nights’.

Aliens Love Tim Gutteridge!

Tim Appears in 'Aliens Love Underpants' Live

Tim has just returned to the UK after the popular Asian Tour of ‘Aliens Love Underpants’.

Bodyguard the Musical Tours UK

Phoebe Liberty Jones Tours UK with Bodyguard the Musical:

‘Bodyguard the Musical’ continues to impress with the 2016/17 tour including our own Phoebe Jones.

No Town Like Motown!

No Town Like Motown for Brandon Lee Sears!

Brandon_Lee_Sears_2016.jpg - 200.5 kb  Motownlogo.jpg - 36.37 kb

Brandon makes his West End debut appearing in the much awaited ‘Motown the Musical’.