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KMC Agencies’ credits reflect the diversity and quality of the industry with dancers and musical theatre performers appearing worldwide from the UK’s West End to Paris Fashion Week to the Sundance Film Festival, USA.

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Currently appearing in Motown the Musical, Shaftesbury Theatre.

Height: 176 cm (5' 9") Skin Tone: Black
Hair Colour: Black Eye Colour: Brown



Boston Conservatory - BFA in Musical Theatre.

Dance Advanced Standard, all disciplines. Very strong classical training.
Vocal Tenor.  Low C to High D.
Additional Choreography, Backward Walkovers, Cartwheels, Aerial skills, Silks, Roller-skating, Swimming.



Motown the Musical (Current)

Tito Jackson

Shaftesbury Theatre

Dir: Charles Randolph-Wright.

Dirty Dancing Ensemble. Covered & Played Tito&Jordan UK No.1 Tour.  Playful Productions Choreg: Glenn Wilkinson.
Much Ado About Nothing Friar Francis New Harmony Equity Theatre Dir: Lenny Leibowitz
The Wild Party (Lippa) Jackie Boston Conservatory Dir: Jack Noseworthy.
Othello Understudy Othello New Harmony Equity Theatre Dir: Lenny Leibowitz.
Hey Mr. Producer! Enjolras Jean Ann Ryan Inc. Dir: Senay Taormina
The Wild Party (La Chiusa) Eddie Boston Conservatory Dir: Jack Noseworthy
The Nutcracker Arabian Evansville Dance Theatre Dir: Keith Jason Martin.
My Fair Lady U/study Freddie New Harmony Theatre Dir: Lenny Leibowitz
Elegies for Angels, Punks & Raging Queens Lamar Boston Conservatory Dir: Bill Russell.
Don Quixote Toreador Milwaukee Ballet Dir: Michael Pink.


Cinderella (2015 release) Featured Dancer Walt Disney Productions Dir: Sir Kenneth Branagh.
Fix (TVC) Feature Nashville in Motion Dir: Jennifer Harwell.
Popcorn Sales (TVC) Boy Seller Boy Scouts of America. All networks
Can you Understand? Voiceover 3:8 Productions Dir: Oshea Nun
The Chimes (Live recording) Richard Boston Theatre Project Dir: Neal Hampton.