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KMC Agencies’ credits reflect the diversity and quality of the industry with dancers and musical theatre performers appearing worldwide from the UK’s West End to Paris Fashion Week to the Sundance Film Festival, USA.

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Call: 0161 237 3009 / 0844 884 9712

Height:  5'10'' Skin Tone: White
Hair Colour: Dark Brown Eye Colour: Brown



Manchester Metropolitan University School of Theatre

Sports Football, Cricket, Golf, Rugby, Badminton, Fishing, Table Tennis, Surfing, Pool, Hockey, Snooker - all to team level
Vocal Northern Irish, Southern Irish, most regional Irish, RP, Northern, Standard American, Good ear for most accents.
Additional Stage Combat (B.A.D.C), Drums, Guitar, Stage Management / ASM skills, Lighting & Sound, Good Movement skills, Physical Theatre